New York Times and Spotify are half price with the discount. If you need a new computer, you can get a big student discount on that almost anywhere. Namecheap gives free domain names to students.

If you’re a business student the Wall Street Journal is $15 for 15 weeks. For a daily paper that could get you this much further in your career, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

DQ offers a 10% discount with student ID. I think there are a few stores that do that. Microsoft has some good student deals, and best buy will email you specific deal coupons. Last year they sent me a coupon for $100 off a surface pro 3. Pair that with a moving book from the post office and you get up to $200 off. JoAnne fabrics also offers 10% off with ID.

There are hundreds of these, so more to follow!

-Don Jacfree, UMU

Some people like swimming. I am not one of those people. When I work out, I like to have my music blaring, instead of an earful of water. But when I started getting into fitness, I kept reading more and more about how swimming is a great full body workout. When my friend revealed to me that it was his secret to losing 50 pounds this year, I figured it was worth a shot.
However, I wasn’t looking forward to the monotony of lap swim, and the ear full of water all day was less than desirable. So I looked into getting a waterproof MP3 player. I wasn’t hopeful: I guessed that they would either be nonexistent or super pricey. To my surprise, I found this Pyle Waterproof Neckband MP3 Player and Headphones.
It went better than expected. Now my ears stay dry. I get to listen to my music. I also found it works great with running and other exercise, because I don’t have to carry an mp3 player around and snake headphones under my shirt. I also get questions about it often; a lot of people have never seen anything like it.
If you’re looking to spice up your swim, a waterproof mp3 player might be just the thing. It worked for me.

-Jonah Meho, Texas A&M

So it’s no secret college textbooks are a scam, with prices skyrocketing in recent years. Yet just because that book is mandatory, doesn’t mean you have to buy it. The largest library is the internet, and there is a chance someone scanned or uploaded that book you need onto some website.

Finding it is the hard part. But we are here to help. Try this custom google search, it delves the archives of hundreds of ebook websites:Textbook Holy Grail

There’s no guarantee you won’t have to shell out for that textbook, but this tool will certainly help spare you from that horrible option a lot of the time.

-Keith Parker, UMASS Boston

This is such a cool little tool. It is amazing to me to think that I now have in one credit card slot..a pen, a nail file, tweezers, scissors, a knife, and a toothpick. Each item is very easy to remove and use, yet fits firmly back into its slot when you are done. I was very surprised at how rugged each little piece was for being small enough to fit in a credit card sized space. This credit card sized tool kit will come in handy for so many basic needs when I am out and about. I received this credit card tool at a discounted rate for my honest and unbiased review but that does not affect my opinion of it. I am very happy with this tool and it will become a permanent addition to my wallet and I am sure will come in handy on many occasions. I would definitely recommend it as a college cheat code.

-Brett Arlington, Tufts

When studying arts at university, take notes on your prof’s political/philosophical ideologies and worldviews. Regurgitate in essays and on exams for an A grade. Also, margins, font, font size, etc. are incredibly important. Never neglect these. Many professors I’ve had want to hear their own opinion parroted back at them so they can feel as if their view point was valid. I haven’t met many who would like to hear their opinion torn down, no matter how well done. They’re human, so if they’re going to have human biases you want to make sure their on your side.

-Tiffany Durant, University of Kansas

The breathalyzer is a powerful tool to help students make smart decisions when it comes to alcohol. Totally kidding, my friends and I use it because it’s a simple yet fun way to spice up the evening. You can turn it into a game, a competition, you can make bets about how drunk you all are. Possibilities are entertaining and endless. You can also use it to be responsible if you want, like proving to your buddy that he’s too drunk to drive. It’s the best party investment you can make for your keychain. I got this particular breathalyzer
Have fun!

-Byron Manville, Temple University

A college essential is a whiteboard to hang on the outside of your door. The other people on your floor will like you because everyone gets to write funny things. My year, I became known as “The Whiteboard girl” because I would take a minute to draw and write something on my whiteboard before I left. Don’t be afraid to make it corny and dumb. For some reason that translates really well into the medium of whiteboard.

It can also help you introduce yourself to your neighbors, make plans, and communicate with lots of people as they pass by your door.

-Lindsay Kelley

Whether it’s from Urban or Michael Kors, a small cross body bag is essential for going out. Make sure it’s big enough to hold the essentials, like your cell phone, lipstick, and room key. It’s never fun when you accidentally leave your phone in a frat bathroom because you were holding onto it all night. Plus, it adds a dressier look to any outfit! I got mine here, but a trip to the mall works too!

-Marissa Brookestone, University of Georgia

My roommate Kacey and I have always considered ourselves fairly free spirited for our conservative Catholic College. By free spirited, I mean we will occasionally go to a party, we watch the Daily show, and we both sleep in the nude.
The first month was a dream come true. We got along great, and my privates never felt so liberated. But the story takes a dark turn on a cold November night, the night of the fire drill. Kacey and I went to bed at 11:30, right after our boy Jon Stewart caught us up on the fake news that day. 12:00 rolls around and we hear that shriek alarm. Frantically, both of us ran out of the building in tank tops and undies…and end up waiting with the guys next door. The lesson is, you don’t want to get caught without a bra during a fire alarm. I realized far too late that our nipples stuck out like the statue of liberty. We’ve never lived down the embarrassment. But we learned from it. We both bought one of these bathrobes, and keep it under our beds. Now we live the perfect life of nightly nudity, and we pray for the next fire drill so we can stroll out of the building looking like a couple of Disney Princesses.

-Samantha McGill, Nebraska Lincoln

The best investment I made was my memory foam mattress topper. It’s like sleeping in a marshmallow. Dorm beds suck. Some good memory foam will work wonders. Bring an extra pillow and extra blanket for the same reason.

-Tina Dronnel, USD

In college, netflix and movies are the lifeblood of social interactions. Whether it’s a group hangout or a date, nothing brings people together like a good film. I realized this over the past year when I got an iphone movie projector. Not only was I able to watch movies in my room, but suddenly we could do it anywhere. It helped on dates, projects, all that stuff. It’s a nifty little gadget I would recommend. Not a lot of people have even imagined such a device existing, and when you pull it out and show it off flawlessly people act like you just did a magic trick. It’s my college cheat code (when paired with a netflix account)

-Connor Bolohan, Texas A&M

Black light parties are a must, whether it’s in a dorm room or a house. It’s simple, get out a black light and get everyone to come in a cheap white shirt plus other neon clothing, have a selection of colored highlighters so everyone can draw on everyone. Also, gin + tonic glows quite nicely under a black light!

Black lights give off a party vibe and make everyone get a little crazy! If I could recommend this a thousand times I would, it’s what separates a weak gathering from a night to remember.

-Jeremy Pritten, UCLA

Contrary to popular belief, teachers are usually human beings. Like all human beings, your teachers rely on Google for everything, including teaching the course you’re in. Luckily, you can use this to your advantage. Google search for your college textbook’s publisher and include the phrase “Companion Website”. You’ll find practice tests, review sheets, chapter summaries, and lists of important topics.

I’ve done this for many of my textbooks and I find a companion website 80% of the time. Even better, many professors will take exam questions directly from the companion website since they think the student doesn’t know about it. I figured this out last year, and my GPA went from a 2.6 to a 3.4. So take my advice, find the companion website, and this could also be your ticket out of mediocrity!

-Lee, Collegecheatcodes

Sometimes, the simplest drinking games are the most fun. If you want to get shitfaced with friends, but also have a desire to be evenly drunk, the Spin-the-Shot Drinking Game is the simplest way to do it. Rules are so simple even a baby could play this game (note: don’t play this game with babies) For the more sophisticated drinker gambler, also give the Shot Glass Roulette a try. It can turn your dormroom into a casino. Hope you get lucky! -Scott Kantanis, St. Thomas College

My monthly Netflix bill is $8.67. It’s not a lot, but it seemed like I could find a creative way to get around the expense. After doing a little bit of research, I figured out how to get Netflix for free.

My strategy depends on a credit card and checking account from Bank of America. Here’s how to use these two accounts strategically to get free Netflix.

Sign Up for the BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards Card: This credit card offers a $25 reward at the end of each quarter. Just remember to pay off your balance in full every month.

Here’s what my Netflix account costs me each quarter: $8.67 (monthly Netflix fee) x 3 (months in a quarter) = $26.01. That $25 reward comes pretty close to covering it. However, I would still be paying $1.01 every three months for my Netflix subscription.

So I dug a little deeper to see whether I could boost my rewards. Deep in the card’s Terms of Service, I found my opportunity by opening a Bank of America Core Checking Account. When I read the fine print, I learned I could get an additional $5 a quarter by automatically depositing my cash rewards into a Bank of America savings or checking account.

You can do the math: That’s $30 a quarter in rewards, which pays for three months of Netflix!

-Holly Malone, University of San Diego

My cheat code is to get a lock pick kit for your floor. At my school at least, when you get locked out of your dorm room you get charged $50 by police to open it. One lock. It’s such BS. But then we got an idea, and bought a floor lockpick tool set. 5 youtube videos later, and we never had a problem again. We unlocked each other’s doors, and learned a really cool skill in the process. Who says you don’t learn anything practical in college?

-Amy Karinsik, The Ohio State University

Looking for a cost-effective, easy to learn way to be romantic? Look no further than the napkin rose.
Picture it: You’re out on a date with a beautiful girl. Maybe someplace nice, maybe the dining hall. As you sit there chatting, you pull out a gorgeous tissue paper rose from under the table. She’s amazed, she hasn’t been given a rose like this before. It’s a magical picture…and it takes 5 minutes to learn.
Check it out: It’s only a few steps, and with a little practice you can do it all without looking. In the competitive dating world of college, this tip will give you the edge you need over those other guys who can’t even make a rose out of paper.

-James, Collegecheatcodes

Sophomore year was the year I decided to get a Venus Fly Trap (my college has a very strict policy on pets). I named it Chuck, and he was the best pet I could have had.
My first week in my new dorm, and word about Chuck spread pretty quickly. I had people from other floors knocking on my door to meet him. Eventually that calmed down, for a while.
A couple months in, and our big dorm was infested with nats. But my room wasn’t. I wondered why, but then it hit me. I went and checked Chuck, and sure enough, the dude was feasting! Once again, he came in clutch just when I needed him. He made waves, and I had people again knocking on my door to borrow him. People offered me money, food, and one girl even bought me dinner at Chipotle. As a finance major, I still say Chuck was my best investment all year.
My college cheat code is don’t bother with a goldfish. Go straight to the big leagues with a Venus Flytrap

-Will Sulton, Auburn University

I usually spot at least a dozen thongs or bra straps throughout the day. I am not sure if it is because some girls are wearing leggings that are too see-through or thongs that are to bright, but either way it needs to be stopped. As for the bra straps, the rule in the fashion world is to wear the same color bra as your shirt so that way the straps blend in better. I’ll be the first to admit that yes, I have once or twice worn a colored bra under a white shirt. But because I am in college, I guess that means I have the right to not care.

Yet especially when it comes to yoga pants or tights, match it up with a thong or better yet, nothing at all

-Marissa Brookestone, University of Georgia

Android users can download Cashpirate to earn money playing games, watching videos, downloading apps and taking surveys. You’ll get “coins” for these activities, which you can then cash out through PayPal or for gift cards. New activities are added throughout the day, so it’s worth checking whenever you have free time. For a more detailed explanation, check out this reddit thread.

-Cody Powers, Ithica

Everybody has those weird nights where you want to party, but it feels like you’ve played every drinking game you know lately. When you can’t think of what games to mix with your alcohol, it’s time to go pro. I recommend getting a book like Drinking Games: One Book, 25 Games, Just Add Booze. It has 25 entertaining and crazy games most people don’t know. I guarantee you’ll have many good nights, and you’ll end up completely blitzed before the night is over.

-Casey Streadmess, Pranton Tech

Few young men ever have the need for a suit before they leave college, and even then, their first suits are likely to be purchased off-the-rack in department stores, with “tailoring” consisting only of hemming the pants. They simply don’t know how much they don’t know.

So, to all those men, young and old, who want to know what they’re doing when looking in a three-way mirror and examining themselves in a suit, here are the tailoring basics that you should know.

Start with the shoulders. The edge of the padding in the shoulders in the jacket should not extend beyond your shoulders. If it does, the jacket’s too big. Waist: If you have one, so should your jacket. Many off the rack suit jackets are not tapered at the waist, so your tailor will have to make this adjustment for you. Sleeves should break just at the wrist and allow a little bit of shirt cuff to show.

When you return to the store to pick up your suit, try it on again, stand in front of the 3-way mirror and look for final adjustments. It is exceedingly rare for me to accept a suit after its initial tailoring effort, especially if multiple adjustments were made.

The suit should fit perfectly. It should lay flat across your chest, should button comfortably without any indication of pull across your waist and should have no visible bulges or ripples in the fabric. This can make a $100 suit look better than a $3000 one on its best day. For more info, just visit your local tailor. They’re generally happy to talk to new customers.

-James, College cheat codes

Everyone likes to have a taste of luxury. Unfortunately, a lot of college students can’t afford it. This doesn’t have to be the case for your card games. Get some gold playing cards…they’re cheap, but the 24 carot gold cards scream “look at me! I’m a big shot!”

They impress people and add a nice touch to any party, poker game, or regular drinking game with friends. Check it out and start living like a king while playing Kings.

-Alex Stanev, UVM

Although your Tory Burch flats might go perfectly with your little black dress, ditch them and go for a cheap pair of flats from target. Sticky floors and hundred dollar shoes never pair well. It’s worth it to buy a few pairs of less expensive shoes versus having to scrub your suede Steve Maddens the next morning. Plus you don’t wanna be the poor girl stumbling home from frat row in 4 inch stilettos.

-Marissa Brookestone, University of Georgia

College is a social place and that’s awesome. Lots of people are going to be coming through your room, whether it’s to come say hi or to party. Unfortunately, this comes with a lot of risk. People take things. My freshman year, somebody swiped $200 from me, all my spending money for the semester. It made me angry and bitter at all of my friends. It really sucked.
Luckily, it never happened again. I went out and got a hidden book safe. The last place thieves think to look is in a book. I highly recommend you get somewhere safe to put your money sooner rather than $200 later.

-Kevin Sou, NYU