Studies deals with every college cheat code that deals with academics. From the day you pick your classes to your last final exam, collegecheatcodes is here to help give you tips and advice on how to get the most out of your schooling. It’s time to think smarter, not harder.


It’s a fact of life that with college comes parties. Throughout your career, there are going to be times where you may host one, or just be one of a hundred guests. Either way, we’re here to help make you the life of the party.


Health is never more important than it is in college, because the first few years of independence are vital to a lifetime of good health. Here at collegecheatcodes we understand this, and are working hard at finding the best tips in health and exercise to help you not only get the most out of your workout, but also your life.

Dating dating

High school was the minor league of relationships, and college is the majors. College dating can be extremely confusing and hard to navigate. But at the end of the day, the best man (or woman) wins. Here at collegecheatcodes, we’re providing the best tips and tricks to make you the best you can be in the world of dating.

Fun fun

This Fun category is kind of the oddball, it’s for all the fun things we couldn’t find another category for. Kinda like college, some stuff you do is just fun and doesn’t have a point to it. Likewise, some of the cheat codes we share are just generally to increase your enjoyment while you’re at college.

Style style

Obviously, everyone has their own style. The Style category isn’t here to mess with that. Instead, it’s a place to share the cool clothing and accessories that people have discovered while in college, and to talk about the impact that these pieces can have.

Dorm dorm

The dorm room is your temple. It is your home. It is where you will bring friends, have love affairs, and do your work. We just want to show you some cool stuff to put in it, and tips on how to handle your room.

Funds funds

They say money can’t buy happiness, and while that’s true at college, money definitely helps. In the Funds category, we share tips and cheat codes on how to both make money and save money in college.

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