New York Times and Spotify are half price with the discount. If you need a new computer, you can get a big student discount on that almost anywhere. Namecheap gives free domain names to students.

If you’re a business student the Wall Street Journal is $15 for 15 weeks. For a daily paper that could get you this much further in your career, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

DQ offers a 10% discount with student ID. I think there are a few stores that do that. Microsoft has some good student deals, and best buy will email you specific deal coupons. Last year they sent me a coupon for $100 off a surface pro 3. Pair that with a moving book from the post office and you get up to $200 off. JoAnne fabrics also offers 10% off with ID.

There are hundreds of these, so more to follow!

-Don Jacfree, UMU

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