My friends and I used to write on a napkin and have a friend take it over to the girl. “I think you’re gorgeous and I’d like to take you out on a date. If you agree to this, please smile.”

The only downside is I met my girlfriend this way, my best friend met his girlfriend this way, and another close friend met his fiance this way. When we all get together, we have to jump on all the “How did you two meet” grenades. If anything, this line works too well.

-John Hatchbrook, UML

If you’re looking for a way to spice up beer pong while using the knowledge from that Honors history course, look no further than the game Vietnam. This game has the rules of beer pong with a twist: One team has the American advantage and one has the advantages of North Vietnam.

Two teams, one for the US and one for Vietnam. Each team has 10 cups. The US sets up theirs in the standard triangle formation for and puts a third of a beer in each cup. Vietnam’s cups can be put anywhere on their side of the table and an entire beer goes into each one.

US starts with the 2 balls. Each time one of Vietnam’s cups are made, they drink the beer and pull the cup. Each time one of US’s cups are made, the US team drinks the beer, refills it, and puts it back into the triangle. The game goes until all of Vietnam’s cups are gone or the US team gives up. Perfect drinking game if you’re Rambo!

-Luke Dulittle, SUNY

The cure for the hangover seems on par with world peace and a candy bar that cures cancer. Yet, I have tested a lot of these products, but this Hangover Pervention Patch actually works pretty well. The steady transdermal infusion of its antioxidants and vitamins supplies what alcohol diminishes. When you overdo it, it reduces the affects by about 70%. You have a very good chance of not waking up in abject pain after a big party. Perfect for those 2-day events, just remember to put a new one on before you begin again the next day. Also works well for those 8ams and other events where you can’t get away with being a hungover slug.

-Randy Atkinson, UNJ

If there’s one piece of clothing I wore the most my freshman year it would be my tight black skirt from Forever 21 (Or here for cheaper). Under $10, this piece pairs with so many different tops and shoes, you can’t go wrong! Dress it up with a statement necklace or dress down with a patterned crop top. The classic black skirt will never go out of style.

-Marissa Brookestone, University or Georgia

Two of the biggest problems in college are building experience and making money. Mindsumo is one of the more legit online solutions to this problem. They offer challenges to solve, and winning ideas receive payments ranging from $50 to $200. Although they have a $100 minimum payout, they give away a lot of money for doing simple things like creating a profile and participating in a challenge. They give $30 for signing up and verifying your email, plus another $5 with the promo code TRYIT.

Which is my advice about just try it.

-Chris, Collegecheatcodes

party food is not a hard thing to do on a budget. Chips and dip around a table will draw people who are munching together and force interaction with a total cost of maybe $3. Grilling is also not a complicated way to attract people to a certain area, which is especially true if you have a back patio. Just make sure that you have a trusted grill master serving up food. Another thing to remember is that many girls (at least where I am from) do not enjoy the taste of beer. A simple solution to this is a large cooler, two bottles of grain alcohol, powdered drink mix, and ice. Now you have punch for the night for all the ladies who want it for a total cost of maybe $20.

-Carlos Ortiz, Florida State

No one is a heavier sleeper than a college student. Sometimes it takes more than just an alarm set on a phone to wake us from our sleep. For me, I combated the problem by stepping up a notch. I got a bomb alarm clock. When you hit the snooze button, it starts a bomb countdown and you have to cut the right wire to make it stop. Makes you feel like a superhero.


-Dan Trowle, Sawyer

Eating late at night while studying or partying is a major temptation, but you should do your best to consume all or most of your calories before 7:00 pm. One thing that helped me with healthy eating in college was remembering that just because everyone else is eating does not mean that I needed to. My college had a great mom and pop doughnut shop nearby and students (especially my friends) enjoyed many late night runs. I could be the ‘designated driver’ and go along for the ride, be there for the jokes and the stories but not have to deal with the blood sugar swings of a jelly doughnut. It’s all about staying balanced, choosing specific times to indulge in your favorites. Don’t deprive yourself, or you’re likely to binge later, so keep your treats–whatever they may be–in moderation.

-Kendra Lighmosse, LSU

A paracord bracelet is not only stylish, but very useful. I’m a college student and an EMS worker, and I deployed my bracelet for the first time yesterday. When a 16 year old fell over 60 feet from a waterfall and landed on a rocky outcropping, my department was dispatched to respond. I hiked in with the engine and rescue companies to begin treating the patient, who suffered serious injury and required chest decompression in the field. While the high angle rescue team was setting up to hoist the patient out, we used my survival bracelet to help shuttle medical equipment to the patient’s side. A fantastic product that performed exactly as I expected. Crazy story, glad I had this thing.

-Patrick Mayhew, Madison Technical College

Cocaine is expensive. Meth makes your teeth gross. But you know you’re a champ, and a champ needs something to keep them awake and alert every day.
So you get coffee. It’s not enough though. Coffee is for normal people. You’re not normal. You’re juggling 5 classes, 5 extracurriculars, and 5 relationships. And you’re not a juggler.
There’s a way to make it all happen. Drink Death Wish Coffee. 200% stronger than regular coffee, you’ll never feel more alert and more ready to take on whatever your college campus throws at you.

-Lee, College cheat codes

The earlier you develop smart money habits and begin to save and invest, the better off you’ll be. That’s a fact that most college students don’t think about.

But it’s never too early to start, and here’s a tool to help. Mint is a completely free budgeting website/app that will help you make sense of your financial situation.When you sign up with you’ll simply link up your banking and credit card accounts and Mint will pull your statements, organize them into budget categories, and show you where all of your money is going. There’s also a useful app.

This is a super simple way to make sure you’re staying on budget. I treat it like that friend who’s kind of a pain in the ass, but in the end is always looking out for you. Like us at College Cheat Codes.

-James M., Collegecheatcodes

The downside of a college gym is the constant worry of getting your stuff stolen. I thought I might’ve been going overboard when I bought a water bottle with a compartment, but I’m glad I did. The front compartment is great to put small items like bills and a key. Plus it’s just a good water bottle, and even slightly motivates me to drink more water. My favorite part about this bottle is the auto-seal feature of the cap. Overall the Cortigo autoseal water bottle is fantastic and fit my needs for a great price. I would recommend it to anyone in search for a good water bottle!

-Terry Grant, BYU

We don’t go to school in a dictatorship, but some schools can make it feel that way. Many colleges want to appear proactive about putting a stop to underage drinking, so they dole out harsh punishments and have patrols walk through dorms seeking out offenders. One small way to fight back against this injustice is the soda can cover. You can make them yourself or find them here at Beer Can Cover 6 count.
Slip it on, and everyone from RAs to police will be forced to accept that you all were drinking coke at your get together. It’s stupid, but soda can covers have actually saved my ass before so it’s my college cheat code.

-Alec Haverhill, The Ohio State University

In the sneaker game, even the most expensive of shoes look awful it they’re not taken care of. That’s why you gotta get a sneaker cleaning kit. Your shoes will last 5x as long, and they’ll look better their whole life. If you really care about your shoes, you want them to have a good life.
Personally I use Jason Markk Shoe Cleaner, but everyone has their own preferences. Sneaker on, fellow sneakerheads.

-Leroy Michaels, Johns Hopkins

When I first packed for college, I thought I had everything. We ended up bringing a mini-van and a prius full of my junk, every worldly possession I owned. But me, and every other girl in my hall apparently, forgot about one thing when we were packing: things break. We all felt utterly useless whenever we broke something, and even worse when it came time to put things back together.

I remember calling my dad in tears one night, surrounded by parts of the desk I had bought from IKEA. Then he gave me some good advice. To do good work, you need good tools. The next week I got a care package filled with a cute pink tool box. It was the best care package I’ve ever gotten that didn’t have money in it. I now know that I’m a chick who can take on any job. My advice is you skip the crying step and get a tool kit before you head out to college.

-Jenny Messange, Hillsong College

Working out shouldn’t be tied to the gym. With minimal equipment you can do a great workout in your room. For chest, triceps, biceps and back muscles, I use Power Press Push Up – Complete Push Up Training System. Your own body weight is all you need: with a variety of holds you can hit muscles normal pushups just can’t. If I were to only pick one piece of fitness equipment for my dorm room, this would be it.

-Zack Rollins, University of Leg Day

I’ve found one of the biggest problems with college dating is flakiness. You can go out with a girl, think that everything went spectacular, only to never hear from her again. This is why I’ve developed a corny move to prevent this from happening (Like my old man taught me: if it looks stupid but works, it ain’t stupid)
On the date, I’ll typically go out wearing this cheap but good looking necklace. When it comes time to part ways with Miss Right, I ask
“Hey, you’re not a thief, are you?”
She typically replies “Haha no, why?”
Then I hit them with “Hold on. This necklace means a lot to me. I want you to hold onto it for me until I see you again” Then gently put it on her neck, and depending on your chemistry, give her a passionate kiss. Its romantic as hell, and you risk an inexpensive necklace for an almost certain chance at a second date!

-James, Collegecheatcodes

Treat his or her palate to a mouth-watering trip around the globe by sampling the finest chocolates our planet has to offer. Handmade using sustainably grown cocoa, they’ll find pure bliss as you bite into each of the five different and equally delicious chocolate bars.

It’s legitimately a perfect gift for anything: birthday, anniversary, that time of the month. I suggest you buy some and save it for when you need a gift to save the day.

-Jordan DePaulo

Whether you’re skiing in Aspen or going back to the 80s, theme parties are a college favorite. Pack up your old Halloween costumes, neon spandex, and cheetah leggings because you never know when you’re going to need them. There’s nothing like feeling prepared and in the spirit of the party. Your friends will thank you later!

-Marissa Brookestone, University of Georgia

One of the dumbest ways to save money was suggested to me by one of my smartest friends. He called it “The poor game”. How to play: See how many days you can go without spending a penny. My record is 5.

It’s impossible to tell exactly how much I’ve saved, but it’s at least $50 saved from burritos.

-Jessica Melman, BYU

Exercise 1: Chair Shrug

Sit upright in a chair with your feet flat on the floor at hip-width. Place your hands flat on the seat next to your hips, your arms straight.
Supporting yourself with your arms, scoot your butt off the chair.
Allow your shoulder and back muscles to relax so your butt lowers a few inches.
Press your shoulders down to lift your upper body as high as possible and hold for 5 seconds at the top position. Then relax your shoulders again. That’s one rep.

Exercise 2: Pike Pushup

Get down on all fours. Place your hands under your shoulders. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, your knees bent at 90 degrees.
Raise your butt in the air so that your hips are aligned with your head.
Keeping that piked position, bend your arms and lower your head to the ground in 2 seconds. Keep your elbows tucked tight to your sides.
Push your arms straight in 2 seconds. That’s one rep.

Exercise 3: Eccentric Stepup

With your hands at chest level, step up on a chair with your right leg.
Smoothly lower your body down in 5 seconds until your left leg touches the ground.
Step off of the chair completely, then repeat the movement with your left leg on the chair.

Finisher: 20-10 Cardio/Core Supersets
Perform 20 seconds of skater jumps (cardio exercise), where you leap from leg to leg in a side-to-side fashion. Rest for 10 seconds. Then for 20 seconds continuously transition from a pushup position to plank position, moving only your forearms. Rest 10 seconds. Repeat for 4 minutes total.

-Greg Derrick, BYU

Rainy Mood and Simply Noise are the cheatcodes for studying/working without distraction. Or listen to classical music for this. It’s relaxing without being too interesting, and it won’t distract you with any lyrics. Film scores and other instrumental works will work too.

-Chris, Collegecheatcodes

Hey guys! So, there’s this lecture called “Study Less Study Smart” that I’ve seen mentioned around here before. It’s probably the most-viewed study advice video on YouTube – but it’s an hour long.
This week, I challenged myself to create a video that summarized those parts in 1/10th the time of the lecture.
To do that, I watched and took detailed notes on the lecture, which essentially boils down to 7 main tips:
-Break studying down into chunked sessions
-Create a dedicated study area
-Study actively – quiz yourself
-Take smart notes and expand on them ASAP after class
-Summarize/teach others what you learn
-Study your books with SQ3R (I have some thoughts on this)
-Use mnemonics to study effectively
In the video, you’ll find a quick rundown of each of these. Want to see my notes on the entire lecture? Here you go.

-Jake Reaver, Arizona State

Make sure to introduce your guests to different people periodically where possible.
This sounds silly but in less intimate settings it’s very easy for people to start making their own little circles and walls once they’ve found a temporary safe zone.
Once this starts happening, the longer it stays like that – the less likely people are to venture outside of it to be social, thus ruining the social aspect of the event without forcible intervention. The way you prevent this is by being the ultimate icebreaker. You KNOW (or should know) everyone. If you don’t, then you should definitely be introducing yourself to them as they’re arriving. It should be relatively easy for you to introduce 2-3 people to each other with 1-2 interesting facts about each other so they have not only a smooth transition into conversation, but at least a few topics outside of the obvious ones to talk about. You can also enlist someone mega social you know to help do this for you (this is often me at parties)

-Katie Reglents, UMN

When online shopping, begin the check out but do not complete it. They’ll send you coupons to encourage the sale.
This works especially well for clothing sites. When filling out your information, put an email address down that you don’t mind getting a shit ton of emails on, and continue with your business. Within a couple days, the site will end up sending you an email with a coupon for your shopping cart to encourage you to checkout. Its usually only 10-15%, but it covers a bit of the cost. I don’t think it works on amazon, but it should work on apparel sites.

-Allison, Collegecheatcodes